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We offer a range of services for motorbikes, atvs and quad bikes. We specialise in remapping Motorbikes to unleash extra power and fuel economy. We also install a range of aftermarket products such as Alarms, Lights, SatNav, Camera systems and more. We also offer wiring and complete re-wiring services for classic bikes or for any other reason a bike might need rewiring as well as wiring in extra circuits or fuse boxes etc. so extra equipment can be installed without voiding the warranty. Our services can be viewed below:

Remapping & Chip Tuning:

We can remap you bike your motorbike to unleash extra power and more fuel economy. Power gains of up to 30% can be expected while also gaining up to 15% fuel savings. We carefully recalibrate the bikes ecu and can adjust all parameters such as air fuel ratios, fuel and spark timing and more to achieve the best for your engine. Remapping or chip tuning is completely safe and will not void any warranties or insurances, so if you want to gain more power, save money and have a much better riding experience then remapping is your answer!


Alarm & Security Systems:

We can install any level of alarm system to any kind of bike from old classic Harley's to up-to date Suzuki's, all of our systems can be installed discretely without any sign of it being there (perfect for classics) or less so to deter theft. Any system from a simple alarm system with a remote key fob to a really sophisticated system which can text or ring any phone to let you know the system has been activated. All systems have the ability to have an immobiliser function so physically stop the bike from being hot wired.


Tracking Systems:

If you have an expensive or rare bike or would just like piece of mind that it will be very easy to track and find if stolen we have a tracking solution for any need. From a simple tracking solution that you can track through your phone or to a full tracking system that is tracked by a experienced team that relays information directly in real time to the police who then retrieves your vehicle. For any system or solution we can help.


Camera Systems:

It is well known that bikers need to be highly visible on the road but when you've done everything you can and you're unfortunate enough to be in an accident having proof it wasn't your fault can be extremely important. We have a wide range of camera systems that automatically record video when a impact is detected systems are that have one or more cameras and can even record the gps coordinates to show speed and location of the accident.


Lighting and Aftermarket Products:

With any of todays modern vehicles adding extra electronics no matter how simple they appear can be challenging due to the sensitive systems, small wiring, access and restrictions due to warranties and insurance. We can add any accessory from power ports to lights and much more all without voiding any warranty or insurance, our wiring is extremely professional and if it is ever removed it will leave no sign of ever being there. So for aftermarket products for bikes, quads and atvs we can help.


Wiring Services:

For many reasons a bike of any kind may need to be re-wired the most common being a classic restoration but can be for reasons such as re-framing, accident or fire damage or for engine conversions. We can re-wire bikes and can also offer custom wiring for one of a kind vehicles. What ever the wiring requirement we have a solution