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Cars, Vans and Light commercials are our speciality we offer a massive range of auto electrical services as well as repairs & servicing. All of our servicing are available mobile across the country. We specialise in Advanced Diagnostics and Remapping & Chip Tuning. We offer all other auto electrical services such complete re-wiring, after market ECU's, dpf & egr delete and advanced ecu & electrical modifications. We are also experts in Air Bag & SRS systems offering complete diagnosis, repair, replacement and modification.

Remapping & Chip Tuning:

Remapping or Chip tuning can massively increase horse power, torque and drivability. Fuel savings will be great as well with increases in MPG of up to 15%. You can also save thousands on vehicle costs by mapping a vehicle to the same power as a more expensive model for example the BMW 318D can be mapped to the same power as a 325D and higher. You can expect power and torque increases of up to 35% and in some cases even more. We can also remap for specific needs such as after installing larger injectors, turbos, de cat pipes, intake systems and much more. For fleet owners or business users we can also map for economy reducing power and majorly improving fuel consumption, we can also remove or add speed limiters, rev limiters and more all of which will improve your carbon foot print, reduce fuel bills and reduce repair costs. So to make you vehicle much more pleasurable give us a call! Click here for more info.


Advanced Diagnostics:

We don't just have a simple scanner that can retrieve a fault code, we have the knowledge and latest technology to track down and electrical fault. Beware of some small local garages that simply swap parts in order to guess what the fault is. We can test components, wiring and other electrical systems to isolate the fault and the fix it. We have capabilities in fault finding SRS, EPS, ESP, ABS and all other systems including communication system faults in CAN, LIN and VAN. So what ever you electrical fault from a engine light to a complicated coms fault we can help.


AirBags & SRS:

We specialise in air bag and SRS system faults. From a simple AirBag light to a full interior and airbag refit after an accident. Getting an Airbag system looked at as soon as possible is very important, not only is it an mot failure but it can also be extremely expensive and more importantly dangerous in the event of an accident. We can also modify or adapt SRS systems to your needs for example removing an airbag in a track car without having the light coming on or installing a switch to deactivate the system for off road purposes. From a simple air bag light to a full refit or anything in between give us a call!


Immobiliser Removal:

An immobiliser may need to be removed for many reasons. Sometimes repairing a faulty system may outweigh the value of the vehicle and removing it will be a cheaper option. When completing an engine conversion with a modern engine unless you swap all of the related components such as indicator stalk, BCM and lots of other parts the engine will not run. We can remove the immobiliser from many emus so that the engine can run with nothing but with a few live signals to the ecu, making the install much more simple, reliable and professional.


DPF Delete:

Most modern Diesel cars and vans are fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) in the exhaust system, these are fitted with the intention of stopping the heavier particulates from exiting the exhaust. However the price of maintenance and replacement can often be near £1000 sometimes even more! The DPF has very little effect on the emissions, so little so that when removed the change in levels is undetectable. We can remove the system completely and then recalibrate the ecu to run without it. Not only will you save hundreds on replacing the system but you will never have a DPF repair bill again. Power increases are also seen due to having less back pressure.


EGR Delete:

Most engines are fitted with an EGR valve most common on diesels, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve links the exhaust gases to the air intake so the engine uses its exhaust gases again. This goes against the principle of a efficient running engine of needing clean, cold air. The exhaust gases are hot, dirty and damp. This causes a very unhealthy engine often choking the intake manifold and valves. They are also prone to failure often costing hundreds of pounds to fix. We can remove this completely or blank it off and the recalibrate the ecu so it will run without it.


GPS Tracking:

When you purchase an expensive vehicle it is only natural you want to protect it. In 2008 alone, according to the UK Home Secretary, over 15,700 cars were stolen as a result of the keys being taken through burglary. A further 2,900 drivers were robbed to obtain car keys. We can fit the latest tracking technology to any vehicle, so in the event of the robbery it is tracked by a team of experts in UK offices, this information is passed onto the police in real time in order to retrieve your vehicle. We also offer tracking solutions to fleet owners to enable them to keep location of their vehicles in real time. 


Alarm & Security Systems:

Some times the standard Alarm system on a vehicle just doesn't cut it some cases or sometimes the standard one has to removed and sometimes it may not have one at all. For Vehicles that does not have one such as a Kit Car, Classic vehicle or custom vehicle we can install an Alarm and/or Immobiliser system, from a simple Alarm with a couple sensors and a remote key fob right up to the latest system with tracking built in, phone and text message alerts, cameras built in and loads more. For vehicles with an alarm that is not quite good enough we can disable the original one and then install another one which is much more suitable. For any Alarm or Security system we can help.


De-Cat, Alpha - N, MAF Recalibration and Advanced ECU modifications:

When completing minor or major engine modifications it is important to reprogram the ecu to make it run to its maximum performance and efficiency. We can recalibrate the ecu after the catalytic converter is removed also known as de-cat so the engine light will not come on. We can also recalibrate the Alpha-N tables when running without a MAF sensor and recalibrate the MAF sensor when installing it in a larger intake system. For any advanced modification we can help.


Complete Re-wiring & Custom Looms:

We offer all types of vehicle wiring services, we can offer complete re wiring service for classic cars or other vehicles that need re-wiring. We also offer custom wiring services for Kit Cars, Custom Built Vehicles, Off Roaders, Track & Race cars and much more. So what ever your wiring requirement from a full loom to re-wiring rear lights we can help you. Our wiring is extremely professional and neat and tidy. Our wiring can be built around any requirement from complete OE looks for restoration, to easy of access for racing, simplicity and looks for kit cars any many more. 


Aftermarket Products supplied and fitted:

Fitting aftermarket product to todays modern vehicle can not only be complicated but voiding warranties, routing wiring etc can be very hard problems to overcome. We can fit many products such as many different hands free phone system, radios, cb radios, dvd and multimedia systems, inverter and in vehicle power, reverse and blind spot cameras, navigation systems and much more. Our installations will not void any warranties and will be extremely professional and when removed there will be no evidence of it being there.


Engine Conversion Wiring:

When completing an engine conversion with a modern engine the wiring and electronics is now the most complicated part. When the original engine ecu controls many other items such as ESP, EPS, DTC, ABS, the dashboard and other body controls it is very hard to remove, but when this wont control the new engine it can cause problems including hundred of fault codes and not working systems when removing the engine from the car. When the new engine is installed we can use either the ecu out of the donor vehicle or an aftermarket ecu depending on which is more suitable. We can create and install a bridge / engine emulator that passes the required information between the ECU's without interference. The engine has all the required body data and the original ecu has all of the engine data all making a engine conversion the most simple way possible.