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Motorhomes & Caravans

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We offer a wide range of services for both Motorhomes / Motor-caravans & Touring Caravans. We offer Remapping & Chip Tuning for Motorhomes as well as a number of electrical services such as the latest charging, battery management and monitoring systems, we also fit a wide range or accessories and can even rewire or completely wire caravans and motorhome conversions. From installing solar systems, inverters and power systems, remaps & tuning, sat nav and full multimedia systems and much more we can help you.

Remapping & Chip Tuning:

Remapping or Chip Tuning can be a massive benefit to your motorhome or camper-van, the extra weight of the contents of the van can make it slower to pull away and sluggish up highs. Torque is the biggest factor in these cases and remapping increases torque by up to 40%. Remapping can completely transform the drivability of your vehicle by providing more power, more power and much more fuel economy. If your van has plenty of power but you would prefer more economy on long journeys we can also help with an economy map saving massive amounts of fuel saving massive amounts of money. So if you need more power, more torque and less fuel bills give us a call now.


Charging Systems:

In caravans and motorhomes the charging system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle electrical system. We can install or upgrade your current system to the latest technology, you will be amazed at the difference having one of our systems installed can make to your electrical system. A charging system isn't just as simple as a battery charger, it split the charge between multiple batteries so that the starting battery never goes flat, it can have inputs from many charging sources such as solar panels, alternators, the mains electricity and much more. They can also monitor many outputs such as inverters for mains power off the grid, fridges, tv and multimedia and many other vehicle electrics. The system can be as simple or as sophisticated as needed from a simple charger to a complete system monitoring and controlling the entire vehicles electrical system.


Control & Monitoring Systems:

Motorhomes and caravans have many systems from water pumps, heating, lighting, inverters and loads more. It is vital to know what all of these systems are doing and to be able to control them easily from one convenient place. We have many control panel and monitoring systems available that can control all of your vans controls and components as well as monitoring their status and battery levels, from a simple switch panel to a screen based system we have many off the shelf or even custom made solutions.


Conversion & Complete Re-Wiring:

When completing a motorhome conversion the wiring can be the most complicated but overlooked part. We can make the conversion much more simple, sophisticated and in fact cheaper than if you completed it yourself, we can complete what would be the 'first fix' after the insulation and windows have been fitted but before the rest, we can then complete the 'second fix' and finish everything else off when the rest of the van is completed. We can also completely rewire any caravan or motorhome and implement many systems such as the latest charging and mains power systems and full multimedia systems. We also other a consultancy service for people who want to do the work themselves but who want the knowledge of the latest systems available, the latest and simplest wiring techniques etc. For all of your wiring requirements please contact us.


Alarm systems:

We can install the latest alarm systems to Caravans, Motorhomes and Camper-vans. In a van derived motorhome the alarm system is often only activated on the opening of the doors, however when windows and roof hatches have been added this is now not the only way of entry also even with factory motorhomes or caravans the standard alarm system is not up to the task, we can install many types of alarm systems to any type of vehicle. From a simple siren based system that is controlled from a key fob to a sophisticated system with text message alerts and monitoring we have a solution for you.


GPS Tracking:

We can install the latest GPS tracking systems to any vehicle, so if in the unfortunate event that it is stolen it can be recovered very quickly. We offer simple tracking systems that you can follow online and get updates through your phone or the latest tracking systems that are tracked by a team of professionals in UK offices who speak to the police in real time and recover you vehicle for you. So what ever you requirement please contact us to find out more.


Aftermarket Products:

We can supply and install the latest technology to all vehicles from the latest Radio and Navigation equipment to hands free equipment and much much more. For any product required we can supply and install it without voiding any warranty or insurances etc and our wiring and installs will blend seamlessly with the factory wiring and products. So for any vehicle equipment please contact us.


Camera Systems:

Any vehicle can benefit from reversing and blind spot cameras and motorhome and caravans can benefit even more due to their large size and low visibility due to extra equipment. We can also add reversing cameras to touring vans and add a camera input or screen to the towing vehicle, we can then add a wireless link or detectable socket a cable to the vehicle and caravan. We can make a system of one camera right up to many multiple cameras for a complete blind spot system. We can also fit forward facing systems to monitor accidents and incidents on the road. For all of your camera needs please give us a call.


Multimedia Systems:

We can install the latest multimedia systems to any your motorhome or caravan from the latest dvd, tv's with free view or satellite, mobile wifi & internet, sound systems and much more. We can integrate systems with all other aspects of the van so power, multimedia, security and more are all working together.

For all of your multimedia system requirements please contact us.