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Advanced Diagnostics:

We have the latest diagnostic technology and have advanced diagnostic abilities for all Cars, Vans and Light commercials. Unlike some garages we don't just have a simple code reader, we constantly update our equipment and have more capabilities than main dealers. We can test components, wiring and ecu problems as well as all other vehicle systems such as ABS, ESP, DTC, Airbags & SRS and much more. We can reprogram most ecus which avoids new ecu costs and labour charges. We can also repair faulty ecus and modules with software corruptions, even main dealers will not do this and will insist on selling a brand new unit often costing thousands. Anything from a fault light to ecu problems we can help you.


Remapping & Chip Tuning:

TG Automotives specialise in Remapping and tuning Bikes, Cars, Vans, Trucks, Tractors and Boats. Remapping can not only increase power by up to 30% but can increase fuel economy massively as well as completely improving your driving experience with more pulling power, improved over taking and better low rev torque levels. As well as remapping for power & economy we can alter all ecu values for what ever you need to achieve such as rev limiters, speed limiters and much more, perfect for fleet owners to reduce fuel and maintenance costs and increase vehicle lifetimes. To completely transform the performance of your vehicle give us a call to see how we can help you. Click here for all for more info.


Airbags & SRS systems:

We are experts in all aspects of Airbag and SRS systems. Anything from a AirBag light to a full airbag and pretensioner refit and reset we can help. We're trained in diagnostics, repair and replacement of all srs system for all vehicles up to present date. From fault finding, to altering systems for things such as track cars with no steering wheel airbag to adding switches to disable the system and we also offer full airbag and interior refits for vehicles that have been involved in an accident so what ever your airbag trouble TG Automotives has a solution. We work on anything from MOT failures, body shop cars to track cars.


AdBlue Removal:

Most newer HGV's are fitted with AdBlue systems with the intention of lowering exhaust emissions, however the difference in emission levels is so minimal the high cost of the AdBlue chemical and the fact that the system is very prone to expensive failures the disadvantages majorly outweigh any benefits of having the system. We can disable this system completely from HGVs so the system can be removed all together or it can be left on with no sign of it being tampered with. No engine lights, no loss of power, massive cost savings and no more hassle! Click here for more info.


DPF & EGR Delete:

Most cars are fitted with a egr valve & most modern diesels are fitted with a DPF filter. The egr has the purpose of recirculating the exhaust gases back through the air intake, this goes against the principal of ideal engine conditions of clean and cold air which an engine needs to run most efficiently. Not only are they prone to failure but they actually cause damage to the engine, if you ever have chance to look into a intake manifold you'll be surprised at the amount of carbon build up. We can remove this and recalibrate the ecu so the engine runs without it with no lights. We can also remove the DPF which can often cost over £1000 to be replaced at a main dealer, the engine runs better without the dpf and also removing it will avoid all dpf repair and maintenance costs. We can either do the whole service or we can just do the ecu recalibration and leave you to remove the physical egr valve or dpf filter. Click here for more info.


Vehicle Tracking:

When you purchase an expensive vehicle it is only natural you want to protect it. In 2008 alone, according to the UK Home Secretary, over 15,700 cars were stolen as a result of the keys being taken through burglary. A further 2,900 drivers were robbed to obtain car keys. We can fit the latest tracking technology to any vehicle, so in the event of the robbery it is tracked by a team of experts in UK offices, this information is passed onto the police in real time in order to retrieve your vehicle. We also offer tracking solutions to fleet owners to enable them to keep location of their vehicles in real time. 


Servicing & Mechanical Repairs:

Don't forget that we also carry out serving and any mechanical repair to Cars, Vans and light commercials. Anything from a minor service or oil change to a head gasket or engine replacement. We also offer MOT submissions and pre MOT checks.


Aftermarket Safety and Security Products:

With todays increasing health and safety protocols, increased road traffic and rules and regulations it is important to keep up to date with the latest safety and security products for cars, vans, fleet vehicles, trucks, tractors and motorhomes. We can come to you and fit a variety of products from full reversing camera systems; driving, spot, work and loading lights, warning systems and alerts, flashing beacons and other systems such as hands free, cb radios, satellite navigation and anything else you might want fitted. You can of corse leave your vehicle with us at our workshop for us to complete the work.


Immobiliser Removal & Fitting:

Immobilisers need to be removed often for a number of reasons, sometimes the price of replacing a faulty immobiliser system can out way the value of the vehicle making disabling it the most cost effective solution. Also when completing an engine conversion where the donor engine was never intended for that vehicle, the engine will not run without all of the related components such as the indicator stalk, body controller / bsi / bsm, dashboard gauges and other modules. Obviously this can become untidy looking, very cumbersome and overly complicated. We can remove the immobiliser from many ecus enabling the engine to run with often nothing more than a constant and ignition live and a start signal for the ecu. 


Engine Conversions:

When completing an engine conversion with todays modern engines the wiring and electronics can now be the hardest part. The original ecu often controls other important parts of the vehicle such as ABS, EPS, ESP, dashboard gauges, body controls and much more, meaning it would be very hard to remove from the vehicle. But when this ECU is not compatible with the donor engine it can cause major problems trying to control all of the cars functions. We have a solution to this problem by leaving the ecu in place to control all of the functions such as brakes, suspension and dashboard gauges and having another ecu to control the engine. We then create a 'bridge' between the two so the can share all off the needed information without any interference. Both ecus will run completely independent with the correct data in the correct format.


Alpha N, De-Cat, MAF Recalibration and Advanced ECU Changes:

When making major modifications to a vehicles air intake or exhaust system it is important to make the relevant changes to the engine management system. When modifying the intake to a drastically larger the vehicles Mass Air Flow measurement will be off, we can re-scale / re-calibrate the MAF tables so that the ecu will have a accurate idea of how much air is entering the engine. When it is not viable to install MAF sensors we can refine and recalibrate the Alpha N tables within the ECU so rather than using Engine Load vs RPM tables it uses Throttle Position vs RPM, the engine will then run purely on Alpha N. We can also mask engine lights and pre checks so when the Cat is removed the engine will not go into limp mode and the engine light will not display.

Complete Re-Wiring and Custom Wiring Looms:

We offer complete re-wiring services for any vehicle usually classic vehicles such as cars and lorries but also any other reason a vehicle may need to be rewired. We are complete perfectionists when it comes to wiring and looming, using high quality connectors, cable and insulation. When finished it will look better & tidier then the original wiring (of course where it has to look exactly original we will do this). We can also create custom wiring looms from scratch for vehicles such as Kit Cars, Track & Race cars, Off roaders and custom cars. Our wiring can be as simply or as sophisticated as you like, from a simply 'as little will do' attitude to a complete digitally controlled system.