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We offer a number of services for motorbikes, scooters and quad bikes etc. From Remapping and Tuning to aftermarket products such as SatNavs and alarm systems we can fit it at either our workshop or at any place and time convenient to you. Click here for info.


Cars & Vans:

Cars and Vans is our speciality we offer Advanced Diagnostics with our latest technology, Remapping & Tuning, Aftermarket products, specialist electrical modifications, Airbag & SRS problems and much more.  Click here for more info.



We offer many services for motorhomes and caravans, from remapping Motorhomes / Motor-caravans to fitting a multitude of products and the latest technology. From the latest charging and monitoring systems to complete wiring for motorhome conversions we can help. Click here for more info.


Trucks & HGVs:

There are many services we offer for Trucks, HGVs and Buses we offer Remapping & Chip Tuning to gain extra power and fuel economy and remaps to limit revs and speed to reduce repairs and driver errors. We offer AdBlue Removal for most vehicles and also fit a wide range of aftermarket, safety and security products such as camera systems from 1 camera to as many cameras needed, work, loading and security lights and other safety systems such as warning systems and much more. Click here for more info.



We offer a range of products and services for tractors and other agricultural machinery. Remapping and Chip tuning can be a massive gain to production and fuel savings on all types of farm equipment, from saving up to 15% on fuel on each vehicle to more pulling power in the field and on the road! We also fit a number of aftermarket and security products such as radios, latest hands free equipment, work, load and other lighting products, cb radios, beacons and warning lights and much more. Click here for more info.


Boats & Watercraft:

Boats and other water craft can benefit massively from our remapping and chip tuning services. Up to 35% more power and sometimes even more completely transforms your boats performance on the water. Not only will it be more of a pleasure to cruise but the added power will reduce start to cruise speed times and save fuel by getting the boat up to plane much quicker. We also offer other services such as aftermarket products, boat wiring services and much more.