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Tractors & Agricultural Machinary

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Modern tractors can have many electrical & control systems as well as complicated wiring. We have many services available for all types of agricultural machinery. Remapping & Chip Tuning will produce up to 35% more power and torque making more pulling power in the field as well as on the road, the best thing is that you can save up to 15% more fuel which can work out at thousands of pounds over a year! We can also install many types of aftermarket equipment as well as extra lighting, safety and security systems, all of our work will not void any warranty or insurance.

Remapping & Chip Tuning:

Remapping agricultural vehicles can be a massive benefit to both productivity and cost savings. It can give up to 35% more power and torque giving you more pulling power, faster road speeds and enabling you to pull bigger machinery. Fuel savings of 15% can be achieved saving you thousands of pounds every year. Many operators are saving tens of thousands of pounds by buying a lower power tractor and getting it remapped to a more powerful version, doing this is no different to what the manufacture does at the factory, because in most cases two brand new vehicles with a difference in 100bhp will have the same engine and ecu the only difference is the software. For all of your remapping and tuning please give us a call.


Radios, CBs & Aftermarket Equipment:

We can supply and install a variety of aftermarket equipment including Radios, CBs, Hands free phone systems, navigation equipment and much more. Our work will not void and warranties and will be in keeping with existing factory wiring and will look like it was fitted by the manufacturer. For any electrical equipment requirement please contact us.


Extra Lighting:

Many applications will require more lighting than comes as standard on most new vehicles. We can supply and install many types of lights such as: flashing beacons, orange strobes, forward facing lights, roof lights, rear facing lights, hitch and loading lights and much more. So for any type of lighting requirement we can help.


GPS Tracking:

When you purchase an expensive vehicle it is only natural you want to protect it. In 2008 alone, according to the UK Home Secretary, over 15,700 vehicles were stolen as a result of the keys being taken through burglary. A further 2,900 drivers were robbed to obtain keys. We can fit the latest tracking technology to any vehicle, so in the event of the robbery it is tracked by a team of experts in UK offices, this information is passed onto the police in real time in order to retrieve your vehicle. We also offer tracking solutions to fleet owners to enable you to keep location of your vehicles in real time so you can see where they are, when and where they are stopping  so you can kept track of them.


Alarm systems:

Some times the standard Alarm system on a vehicle just doesn't cut it some cases or sometimes the standard one has to removed and sometimes it may not have one at all. For Vehicles that does not have one such as a Classic vehicle or custom vehicle we can install an Alarm and/or Immobiliser system, from a simple Alarm with a couple sensors and a remote key fob right up to the latest system with tracking built in, phone and text message alerts, cameras built in and loads more. For vehicles with an alarm that is not quite good enough we can disable the original one and then install another one which is much more suitable. For any Alarm or Security system we can help.